Welcome to Station082

girls at station


We believe that kids prefer to play games with each other, not in some dark basement speaking to invisible friends through an earpiece. We believe that girls like technology as much as boys. We believe that if you give a kid a brightly lit place to come hang out and play games, their moms can go get manicures, their dads can run to the store without kids dragging off their arms, and parents can go get a glass of wine and oyster crackers knowing their kids are playing in a safe, loud, fun place having their own kind of good time.

We also believe that kids  like to build stuff as much as they like to play games. That’s why we also let kids write on the walls, play with our remote controlled UFOs, and have stuff around that they can build with. Keep your eye out for our staff building projects, and our hack nights. So far we’ve built Hovercrafts, crazy amounts of SquishyCircuit dough, a full size catapult, and more marshmallow shooters than we can count! We sponsor 4-H Robotics, Maker Guilds, and coding classes for kids of all ages.